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Capturing the Beauty of Real Estate

Uptown Lens offers a range of packages to choose from that deliver big savings.




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Additional Products

Our 3D virtual tours are perfect for busy professionals who want to get a sense of the property quickly, or for out-of-town buyers who are unable to visit the property in person. They are also a great tool for sellers, as they can showcase their property to potential buyers around the world, without the need for in-person showings.

Matterport is a service that creates 3D models of real-world spaces using a combination of high-tech hardware and software. Matterport cameras scan spaces and capture depth information to construct immersive, interactive 3D models. These models can be navigated in real-time and support features such as annotations and measurements. The resulting models are perfect for virtual tours, real estate listings, facility management, and more.

A Floor Plan is a service that provides a visual representation of the layout and features of a property. With a Floor Plan, clients can easily visualize and understand the property's layout, making it one of the industry standard tools for real estate listings.

Our Aerial Photos & Video will bring your property to life with high quality, stunning views of the surrounding area. Our aerial shots will help to enhance your property and its amenities, giving potential buyers an inviting and attractive view of the area, and will give you the best possible view of your property and attract potential buyers.

Stylize Your Photos

Our Editing Options provide customers with the ability to enhance their real estate photos and provide additional value. We offer a range of editing services and you can be sure that your photos will be enhanced to look their best.

Uptown Lens offers Digital Twilight Editing to real estate photos

Digital Twilight

Converts a daytime photo into twilight

Uptown Lens offers Virtual Staging editing to real estate photos

Virtual Staging

Fill an empty room with furnature and decor to match the room

Uptown Lens offers Object Removal editing to real estate photos

Object Removal

Removes an unwanted object from a photo

Uptown Lens offers Grass Replacement editing to real estate photos

Grass Replacement

Replace grass with a vibrant green lawn

Uptown Lens offers Sky Replacement editing to real estate photos

Sky Replacement

Replace a dull and colorless sky with a vibrant rich cloudy sky

Uptown Lens offers Fireplace fire editing to real estate photos

Fireplace Fire

Adds a crackling fire to the fireplace

Uptown Lens offers Color Block editing to aerial real estate photos

Color Block

 Emphasizes property in aerial photos by graying out neighboring properties

Property Outline Add-on Image

Property Outline

Highlight the property edges with a visiable line to show where the property sits

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